Investment description

Przystań Letnica is a unique ATAL investment built in the picturesque Letnica district, located near the Gulf of Gdańsk. The estate is located approximately 800 meters in a straight line from the beach along which stretches the Brzeźnieński Park, creating an excellent recreational space.

Przystań Letnica – berth and live!

Letnica is a district of Gdańsk with greatest perspectives. Its attractiveness is attributed to a perfect location, previous revitalizations (e.g. tunnel under the Martwa Wisła river) as well as infrastructural, residential and entertainment investments.

The investment consists of three stages which harmoniously correspond to each other thanks to the use of similar and consistent design solutions.

Three buildings were constructed as part of stage I; they house 141 two-, three- and four-room apartments as well as seven commercial premises.

The second stage of the investment will consist of four buildings where a total of 190 apartments was planned. The offer will include both smaller, two-room apartments, and more spacious four-room flats with an area between 41,68 and 92,82 sqm.

The commercial and services offer for the estate will be complemented by another 12 commercial premises located in the ground floor of buildings at Starowiejska Street.

As part of this stage 233 separate parking places in the garage floor and 18 places outside will be created. The underground floor will also have 83 rooms for single-track vehicles and car accessories as well as storage rooms.

The third and last stage of the investment will comprise of six buildings with 323 flats. The number of rooms in buildings H, I, J, K, L and M varies from two to five; they have a comfortable configuration and the space from 30,09 to 111,82 sqm. will allow for functional and comfortable interior design.

Underground there will be a garage floor with 365 separate parking spots. Additionally, 25 open air parking spaces are planned. In the garage floor there will be 139 units for single-track vehicles and 35 storage rooms which constitute a perfect additional storage space.

The estate was designed as a consistent spatial arrangement of buildings which refer with their form an colors to modernist architecture.

The designed green areas, playgrounds, recreation spots and terraces open for general use will make this place conducive to spending free time outdoors.

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